Cost led Analytics

Disha Petrochem Approach

We work keeping in mind both your top line and bottom line returns. Every single aspect is taken into account to make the project viable and successful. Our analytics cover your current and future requirements and the various financial considerations that impact decisions. From first costs, installation, operational and life cycle costs, to energy use, and system maintenance. To us, the success of your project is the sum of the whole and we guide on best choice and best practice at every stage of the discussion and implementation.

Collaborative Performance

Meeting your needs comes from understanding them first. We collaborate intensively with clients to gauge whether you require specific chemicals or customised solutions for project development. Our team works closely to identify your project goals, deliverables, costs and time frames, and accordingly define the performance parameters. We conduct detailed on site assessment to identify deficiencies and opportunities in your current processes and manage necessary corrections and amendments. We put in place feedback mechanisms to track success and maintain updates of progress achieved.

Technology Development

Disha Petrochem Approach

We are highly invested in the development of technology to aid and enable progressive solutions. Our technical experts actively pursue new or improved processes that benefit our clients immensely. We can build and refine compositions, adapt existing inventory, increase product resilience, minimize environmental footprint and enable reduced application time and faster operational management. Through path-breaking technology we give you every advantage you need to embrace and meet the challenges and opportunities in your business.

Product Safety

Health, Safety and Environmental protection remains our primary concern. We are committed to ensuring total compliance with global product regulatory requirements. Our teams are highly trained and our processes are stringently structured to maintain safe operations and usage across all stages of a product’s life cycle; from design to development. Vigilant monitoring is in place to drive ongoing improvements and agile response to any specific needs. Our information management includes safety assessment, modifications, risk reviews, compliance and evaluation measures.