Our Business

We are a speciality chemicals manufacturing and trading company with an impressive track record in reengineering and enabling inventive chemical solutions that benefit our clients in the paint, polymers, fibre glass and construction industries across MENA, South East Asia and CIS countries.

We are not just traders. We are developers. From our operational base in the UAE, we create for our clients’ innovative and superior products that deliver on quality, efficiency, reliability, safety and long term sustainability.

We work with an owners’ mindset. Combining the best minds in the business with the best in chemical technology to deliver not only profitable output, but profitable outcomes. We use our knowledge, our facilities, alliances and partnerships to drive exceptional value for our clients and are proud of the reputation and trust we have built in the industry.

Our spectrum of chemical expertise covers polymers, polymers additives, resins, agrochemicals, alco-chemicals, petrochemicals, bio-chemicals, dyes and dye-intermediates and environmental engineering and natural products.

We are the present of specialised chemical solutions. We are the future.


Disha Petrochem Leadership

Ours is a pioneering spirit, powered by entrepreneurship, expertise and enterprise. Our reputation has been built upon managing and handling diverse and multi-size industrial projects including those in the chemicals, resin, metal, fibreglass and composites industries. Disha Petrochem LLC is the chemicals arms of ISK Infrastructure Holdings and is managed and driven by highly experienced technocrats with over 60 years of expertise in the core industry. The central team is supported by R&D, technical sales and commercial staff, logistical ground teams and marketers who bring together the ability to lead, manage, support every aspect of your project, from start to finish. From creating futuristic solutions to meeting on going needs for your industry, we deliver on our promise to bring you exceptional products and services that powerfully support your business delivery and results.

We believe in being the change catalysts of the speciality chemicals business.


Disha Petrochem Trading


We are in an era of transformation. Business needs are constantly evolving based on societal, environmental and commercial changes taking place globally. It is essential for clients to remain agile, adapt and acquire the right applications that meet, and even exceed, customer expectations.

At Disha Petrochem, our goal is to bring our partners ‘first to market’ products and services in-built with global standards of safety and sustainability.

Our team of experts collaborate closely with small, medium and large scale operations to review, refine and reengineer their product capability. Using extensive R&D, we employ innovative technological solutions that simplify their application and storage and optimize their business success and profitability.

Over the years, we have developed paint additives, specialty resins and variety of specialty products for various industries.

Our Clientele


Not every solution requires customisation. Our clients have varied need levels and our focus is to provide them with the right ‘ready for market’ choices for their ongoing requirements. Through solid partnerships built with the most reputed European, Asian and African manufacturers, we are developing one of the largest trading portfolios in pure chemicals, plastics polymers and petro chemicals.

Our procurement and trade management team ensure that the benefits of our industry relationships and fair price agreements with our partners transfer on to our customers, giving them one of the most competitive rates in the market place.

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Disha Petrochem Trading


At various stages of a business life cycle, independent guidance and direction may be required to drive and manage change, redefine systems and processes, evaluate product performance and bottom line delivery. We are fully geared to provide both leadership and ground teams with expert advisory and project management support on a short and long term contractual basis.

Our consultancy services cover

  •  Plant Management
  •  Process Management
  •  Petrochemical Forward Integrations
  •  Product Quality Up-gradation
  •  Cost Reduction Formulations
  •  Product Marketing on Turnkey
Disha Petrochem Trading


Total project management is part of our expertise. If our clients need to build solutions from ground-up and create new processes and systems, we can provide solid 360 degree support. Our strategy is to make best use of all your resources and bring you new perspective on processes and systems. Keeping of course, quality and bottom line results as the central priority of all delivery.

Disha Petrochem offers comprehensive technical management services; from project conception to efficient plant operation to our clients based in the MENA, South East Asia and CIS countries.

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Cost led Analytics

Disha Petrochem Approach

We work keeping in mind both your top line and bottom line returns. Every single aspect is taken into account to make the project viable and successful. Our analytics cover your current and future requirements and the various financial considerations that impact decisions. From first costs, installation, operational and life cycle costs, to energy use, and system maintenance. To us, the success of your project is the sum of the whole and we guide on best choice and best practice at every stage of the discussion and implementation.

Collaborative Performance

Meeting your needs comes from understanding them first. We collaborate intensively with clients to gauge whether you require specific chemicals or customised solutions for project development. Our team works closely to identify your project goals, deliverables, costs and time frames, and accordingly define the performance parameters. We conduct detailed on site assessment to identify deficiencies and opportunities in your current processes and manage necessary corrections and amendments. We put in place feedback mechanisms to track success and maintain updates of progress achieved.

Technology Development

Disha Petrochem Approach

We are highly invested in the development of technology to aid and enable progressive solutions. Our technical experts actively pursue new or improved processes that benefit our clients immensely. We can build and refine compositions, adapt existing inventory, increase product resilience, minimize environmental footprint and enable reduced application time and faster operational management. Through path-breaking technology we give you every advantage you need to embrace and meet the challenges and opportunities in your business.

Product Safety

Health, Safety and Environmental protection remains our primary concern. We are committed to ensuring total compliance with global product regulatory requirements. Our teams are highly trained and our processes are stringently structured to maintain safe operations and usage across all stages of a product’s life cycle; from design to development. Vigilant monitoring is in place to drive ongoing improvements and agile response to any specific needs. Our information management includes safety assessment, modifications, risk reviews, compliance and evaluation measures.


Disha Petrochem Sectors


  •   Resin Manufacturing Companies
  •   Paints Manufacturing Companies
  •   Oil field Industries
  •   Plastics Processors
  •   Fiber-Glass Producers
  •   Blending Units
  •   Construction Chemical Houses
  •   Lube oil Manufactures
  •   Ink and Driers producers
  • Chemicals and Petrochemical Industries



  •   Phthalic Anhydride
  •   Maleic Anhydride
  •   Iso-pthalic acid
  •   DEG
  •   MPG
  •   MEG
  •   Tri-phenyl Phosphates
  •   Penta-erythrtol


  •   PVC
  •   LLDPE
  •   Polypropylene
  •   LDPE
  •   PS
  •   PET
  •   Engineering Polymers


  • White Spirit Solvent for Paints and Resins
  •   Toluene and Benzene
  •   Ethyl Acetate and Butyl Acetate
  •   Methanol
  •   Ethanol (Industrial Grade)
  •   C6 and C9 Solvents
  • Mix Xylene Carbon High Series Solvents


  •   MEKP
  •   TBHP
  •   DTBP
  •   Benzoyl Peroxide
  •   TBPB
  •   Metal Oxides
  •   Amine Catalyst
  •   Silicon Surfactant
  •   PPS and SPS


  •   Acephate
  •   Buta Chlor
  •   Diuron
  •   Ethnion
  •   Malathion
  •   Phorate
  •   Temephos

Organic Chemicals

  •   Acetaldehyde
  •   Acetic Acid
  •   Acetic Anhydride
  •   Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime
  •   Sodium Hydroxide

Petroleum Products

  •   BITUMIN all grades
  •   Sulphur Granular
  •   Naptha
  •   Green Coke
  •   Fuel Oil
  •   Tars and Bottom Oils

Binders, Pigments and Additives

  •   Styrene Acrylic Emulsion
  • Styrene Acrylic Emulsion for water proofing
  •   Binder for Carpet Adhesives
  •   Pure Acrylic Emulsions
  • Pigments powders, Paste and Liquid Pigments for water base system
  •   Cellulosic Thickeners
  •   Dispersing Agents
  •   Thickeners
  •   Defoamers
  • Blending compatibility and dispersabilty modifiers

Building Partnerships

We believe in driving and building beneficial partnerships with the best in the industry. We invite tie-ups with quality manufactures and suppliers who meet with global standards and are looking to establish or strengthen your presence in the region to reach out to us.

Our Advantage

  1. Over six decades of expertise in manufacturing and distribution
  2. Trusted and respected relationships with reputed clients
  3. Extensive knowledge of market needs, dynamics and competition
  4. Established supply chain logistics and management strength
  5. Competitively priced storage and transport facilities
  6. Strong sales and marketing support
  7. Central Head office in Dubai
Disha Petrochem
Our Promise

Our Promise

Every single client who works with us knows that there is a strict code of ethics and delivery that is entrenched within our business. They trust in our promise. The Disha Petrochem Promise of Productivity, Performance, Profitability, Partnership and Progress

Trusted by the world’s most iconic brands and disruptive innovators.

Board Members

Dr. Umeshchandra Sawant

Ph.D (Tech), CEO

+971 50 460 9004


Mr. Binny Chanwani

Managing Director

+971 58 872 6300


Mrs. Priyadarshini Sawant


+971 55 460 9000


Mr. Philip Zacheria

M.Sc. Sr. Marketing Manager (International Marketing)

+971 50 794 1367


Engr. Vishvmbhar Sawant

Operations Manager B.E. (Mech)

+971 50 822 4894


Contact Us

Disha Petrochem FZCO

Office No. LOB08-123,

Jebel Ali Free Zone,

P.O. Box 116967, Dubai, U.A.E.